In loving memory of Coco and Jojo and inspired by two amazing dogs, this brand is a celebration of the strong bond and love between pet owners and their pets of all species which have become family. We’re a business that truly understands you only want the best for your pets. Whether it’s for dress-up, bath, relaxation, play or travel, we’ve created premium-quality products that you and your pets will use and enjoy.


Our specialty brand dedicated for babies and toddlers. With each item carefully developed using the most unique pop-up technology that uses zero to minimal poles for assembly, this guarantees utmost safety for your beloved little ones. Other care features are the built-in 50+ UV sun shield and insect protection, so you feel secure when taking them outdoors for use.


The children’s brand that screams fun and excitement! We know how much kids love to play and with our pop-up structures, we’ve made this experience even more enjoyable, imaginative, adventurous and stylish. We bring their imagination to life. We believe in their make-believe. We make their dreams come true. We’re with them in their journey.


When looking for products that are more focused on educational play, Primax Education is the brand for you. Our Play Parachute, Four-way Rainbow Tunnel and Pop-up Goal, to name a few, are suitable for group plays that facilitate interaction and encourage socialization, all while having fun indoors or outdoors.


If you love the great outdoors, you’ve got a reliable companion in Primax Sports. Whether it’s just chilling in your backyard underneath our Cabanas you’re in the mood for or going farther by the waters inside our Fishing Bivvy, then we have what you need. Our Primax Sporting goods are bigger in structure and more spacious, but like our other products, assembly is hassle-free and folding is quick and easy.


Information coming soon.


Information coming soon.